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Car Situation

April 27th, 2006 at 08:45 am

I thought I would elaborate more on my current situation with my car.

I have been saving for a year now for my car. My dad, in order to help me out, has agreed to match what I save up to $3000.

I currently have $2200 that I've saved. Plus another $500 that was given to me. My dad told me he will go ahead and give me the $3000. That leaves me with a total $5700 for my new car. Also, my dad has agree to buy $1300 of the car (which I can later buy back from him). This leaves me with a total of $7000 for a new car.

I'm very confident that I can get a really good used car for this amount of money.

Also, I've now figured out that I will not be needing a new car until June. This gives me some time to find the best used car for me. Smile

Once I get active in searching for a car, I will post more updates.

3 Responses to “Car Situation”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I truly do hate car shopping. More than any other shopping I think. My last 2 vehicles, I used a local firm that guarantees the lowest price for the vehicle.........and they do all the shopping. I just have to pay them an up front fee, fill out the form for what I need and they call me when they locate it. Price is always less than what I could get it if I did this on my own,takes me no time either...

    My sister didn't believe in this system, so she shopped for my last vehicle at the same time.........couldn't even get close. I'm still driving the same van, but would use the service again if I needed it. Sent my mom to him too, she loved the process. Way easy!!!

  2. Russell Says:

    Thank your dad first, aren't dads the coolest ?

  3. Russell Says:

    Jeez, I wrote a 5 paragraph comment but it only got the first half of the first line Frown
    I meant to say that yes $7k will buy you a very nice Honda Civic. Car shopping can be fun if you take your time and have patience. Don't buy the first car you test drive and have the car throughly checked out by a trusty mechanic (ask for a vacuum and compression check for the engine). If you don't want to deal with that you can buy a car from camax - i don't have personal experience with them but they have the best reputation amongst any used car dealership I know of.

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