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Bit of an expensive weekend!

June 12th, 2006 at 06:28 am

I did sooo much this weekend. Considering all I was able to do, I don't think I spent that much money.

Friday night 2 of my sisters were going to get their nails done. My BF called to say he was going to work late. So, I decided to tag along with my sisters knowing that it would probably be a huge waste of money, but still an enjoyable time. My mom ended up tagging along as well. Smile We had lots of fun...plus, my sister ended up treating everyone! Smile

Saturday, I made invitations for my sister's baby shower. My mom is covering the costs of the shower and I'm in charge of planning it. (well, for the most part) The invitations took FOREVER...but they were sooo cute. My BF and I then headed over to Stone Mountain for the evening. (Stone Mountain is kind of like an amusement park but without the rides.) We decided to get a annual pass. It ended up costing $59. But, it will definitely be worth it.

Then on Sunday I had bible study, lunch with the family and then, my BF and I ended up going back to Stone Mountain. Smile It was fun. I bought dinner, so that cost about $16.

So overall, I only spent $75. But, the annual pass will allow us to go to Stone Mountain like every weekend and not have to pay to go to any of the attractions. It also gives my BF a discount of golf which will help him out in the long run. Smile So, imo, it was well spent.

For the week, I don't plan on eating out at all! (Except maybe Friday night...we'll see.)

For a quick update on the car situation, I carfaxed a car I liked and was NOT happy with the results. Looks like I'm back to looking again. I did however find many ads for the specific make & model I like using Carfax's classifieds section. I emailed the dealerships and I'm waiting for a response. Smile

Back on track!!

June 9th, 2006 at 01:13 pm

I'm starting to get back on track!

After my taxes threw my finances for a spin, I started to get money back into my checking account. Then, transferring to a new school cost me a lot more money in gas which pretty much cut my checking account down again. But, it's been almost a week since my last day of classes and I already see a difference. I have money sitting my account and it MUCH more than I have charged on my credit cards (which for once is REALLY low...I've been to busy to do anything...it's pretty much just gas and a few school expenses). So, I'm getting ahead. YAY!!!

Also, I've determined that by the end of the month, I will be able to put $800 more towards my car. That leaves me with at least $6,400! YAY! Smile

How can I put another $800 towards my car? Well, this week I will have worked 11 more hours than I usually work. Plus, during the next two weeks I will work a total of 50 hours more than usual! YAY!!! I plan on putting ALL of my extra money in savings and towards my car. I'm soooo happy!

Also, I have three cars that I have that are exactly what I want! They range in price from $5,900 to $7,495. I just need to contact the people and then check the carfax, narrow it down to the one I like, and get it checked out by a technician. I should be checking out the cars in person tomorrow. I'm so happy. This will be MY first car. I will own it. (well, my dad's name will also be on the title, but it will be MINE.) This is a huge step for me. My biggest purchase yet.

So, I ended up spending over $350 on gas during May and June (so far). That isn't bad considering I was driving over 100 miles a day. I can't wait to get my new car because the gas milage will be 40 mpg. That will help save a lot of money!!!

Just an update

June 2nd, 2006 at 12:08 pm

Ok, so it's been a while. Like I said before, I'm busy. Smile

But, I made $121 over Memorial weekend working for my dad. Also, I worked extra hours last week making an extra $60. Smile YAY! It's all going to my car right now.

About my car, the one I wanted was sold to someone else. I have a couple of cars I'm interested in and I plan on calling the owners up this weekend. I also want to stop by a few car dealerships during the next week. Hopefully I'll find time in my schedule.

On a different note, I might have found some medical insurance. My family currently doesn't have any (LONG LONG LONG story). But, I feel as though I should get it. Especially with driving such a long distance so often. I can get a really good deal through school where they pay for half of it. It is only valid at the health center UNLESS you get treated on the when the health center is closed (weekends & holidays) or when you are at least 30 miles away from campus! That is great because I live 47 miles away from campus! So, I will be able to continue seeing my regular doctor and just pay the co-pay. (He's in-network...i checked.) Plus, my parents offered to help with this expense. So, I'll most likely be joining the plan in the fall.

This past week has been REALLY rough on my budget. I've been so tired, so I've been sleeping in. This means I've been leaving later and not having time to eat breakfast or pack my lunch before I go. Man, the costs have added up. I MUST get back on track. I've come to notice that eating out is the ONLY thing I'm having a hard time adjusting to.

But, I guess that is it for now...must get moving on other things.