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A Great Weekend!

October 1st, 2007 at 08:43 am

This weekend was really good!

DH and I went to dinner and a movie. It had been almost a month since we went out on a date. We went to our favorite restaurant and used a BOGO free entree coupon. Then, we went to the movies. The movies are so expensive! But, it had been over 4 months since we saw a movie in the theaters. It was worth it. I'm going to purchase movie tickets through Entertainment.com to save money on the next time we go.

We got up early to work on our apartment. We headed to Walmart to go shopping. We got a lot of needed personal items & groceries.

I have 4 sisters and we all live close to each other. Two of my sisters are moving away this week. My oldest sister decided to hire a photographer to take family photos. So, we did that right after lunch. It was lots of fun.

Then, DH went to the GA Tech vs. Clemson game. A friend of ours owns the security company that the news crews use. So, DH got to do security. He ended up getting to go out on the field after the game and into the locker room. A good friend of ours plays on the team as well. While he was there, I went shopping!!

I received a $75 gift card to my favorite clothing store, New York & Company for my birthday. To make a really long story short, I got $280 worth of clothes for $40 out of my pocket! I used the $50 off coupon in the Entertainment book. (I updated my savings column on the left.) I got a lot of great stuff for student teaching. I also spent another $30 at JcPenny on clothes that was on clearance & I had a coupon.

Our bible study group had a going away party for my two sisters. Then, we had lunch with the family to spend some time together before my sisters leave.

DH got paid over the weekend, so we'll be making some CC payments. I'll update our numbers on the left when we do!

So, this weekend was great and I'm looking forward to a great week!