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CVS Update

October 10th, 2007 at 10:38 am

Ok. Things yesterday didn't exactly go according to plan, but I did do well!

I found out today that this weekend, there will be a B1G1 Free Crest ProHealth toothpaste coupon. So, I'm going to wait to do that deal.

Also, there are going to be B1G1 Free Herbal Essence Shampoo coupons.

I also found out about this Beano Rebate. Making the Beano deal a HUGE money maker.

If you want to follow along with my deals at CVS, here is the spreadsheet I've set up:
CVS Spreadsheet

I think it is fairly simple to understand, but let me know if there is something you don't get.

Edit: Everything in BLACK has physically been done. Deals in BLUE have not been done yet. They are just my plans.

CVS Success

October 9th, 2007 at 11:47 am

I haven't posted in a week!

To start with, I've added $6 to my Adobe fund. It was income I earned doing a miscellaneous job for someone.

I recently joined www.hotcouponworld.com and I'm in heaven. It's a GREAT site. I've become addicted to CVS. I got a great deal last week and this week I'm getting even more great deals!

I had two coupons for Covergirl. They were buy one foundation get a powder, bronzer or concealer free. I found Covergirl foundation with a free powder attached to it! So, I got 2 foundations, 2 powders, a bronzer & a blush.

Here is the breakdown:
Covergirl Foundation $5.49
Covergirl Foundation $6.99
Covergirl Bronzer $6.99
Covergirl Blush $6.99
Total $26.46

CVS Coupon ($4/$20) -$4.00
B1G1 Coupon -$6.99
B1G1 Coupon -$6.99

New Total $8.48
Total w/tax $9.07

ECBs* Earned $5.00
*ECB = Extra Care Bucks

I really needed new makeup, so this was a great deal for me!

This week, I'm doing three different transactions/trips. (Note: I have 2 CVS cards.)

Transaction 1
Palmolive $1.49
Colgate Advanced $2.99
Colgate Max Fresh $2.99
Colgate Max Fresh $2.99
Clean & Clear $4.99
Clean & Clear $4.99
Clean & Clear $5.49
Playtex $4.99
Total $30.92

CVS Coupon -$4.00
Colgate Coupon -$0.75
Colgate Coupon -$0.75
Colgate Coupon -$1.00
Clean & Clear Coupon -$2.00
Clean & Clear Coupon -$2.00
Clean & Clear Coupon -$2.00
Playtex Coupon -$2.50
Palmolive Coupon -$0.25

New Total $15.67
Total w/tax $16.77
ECBs Earned $15.00

ECB Breakdown
Colgate $6.00
Clean & Clear $5.00
Playtex $3.00
Palmolive $1.00

Transaction 2:
Crest ProHealth $3.29
Crest ProHealth $3.29
Playtex $4.99
Colgate Advanced $2.99
Colgate Advanced $2.99
Colgate Advanced $2.99
Speed Stick $1.99
Total $22.53

CVS Coupon -$4.00
Colgate Coupon -$1.00
Colgate Coupon -$1.00
Colgate Coupon -$1.00
Playtex Coupon -$2.50

New Total $13.03
Total w/tax $13.94
ECBs Used $5.00
Total $8.94
ECBs Earned $17.08

ECB Breakdown
Colgate $6.00
Playtex $3.00
Speed Stick $1.00
Crest ProHealth $6.58
Quarterly $0.50

Transaction 3:
Crest ProHealth $3.29
Crest ProHealth $3.29
Palmolive $1.49
Palmolive $1.49
Speed Stick $1.99
Pledge Duster $2.99
Pledge Duster $2.99
Legg's Knee Highs $3.00
Total $20.53

CVS Coupon -$4.00
Palmolive Coupon -$0.40
Palmolive Coupon -$0.40
Pledge Duster -$3.00
Pledge Duster -$3.00
Legg's Sale -$0.75

New Total $8.98
Total w/tax $9.61
ECBs Used $5.00
Total $4.61
ECBs Earned $9.58

ECB Breakdown
Palmolive $2.00
Speed Stick $1.00
Crest ProHealth $6.58

So, my overall count for the two weeks ends up like this:
Total Spent $38.29
Total ECBs Earned $46.66

That's a $8.37 profit!

I'm really enjoying the challenge of finding the best deals. It's a lot of fun!

A Great Weekend!

October 1st, 2007 at 08:43 am

This weekend was really good!

DH and I went to dinner and a movie. It had been almost a month since we went out on a date. We went to our favorite restaurant and used a BOGO free entree coupon. Then, we went to the movies. The movies are so expensive! But, it had been over 4 months since we saw a movie in the theaters. It was worth it. I'm going to purchase movie tickets through Entertainment.com to save money on the next time we go.

We got up early to work on our apartment. We headed to Walmart to go shopping. We got a lot of needed personal items & groceries.

I have 4 sisters and we all live close to each other. Two of my sisters are moving away this week. My oldest sister decided to hire a photographer to take family photos. So, we did that right after lunch. It was lots of fun.

Then, DH went to the GA Tech vs. Clemson game. A friend of ours owns the security company that the news crews use. So, DH got to do security. He ended up getting to go out on the field after the game and into the locker room. A good friend of ours plays on the team as well. While he was there, I went shopping!!

I received a $75 gift card to my favorite clothing store, New York & Company for my birthday. To make a really long story short, I got $280 worth of clothes for $40 out of my pocket! I used the $50 off coupon in the Entertainment book. (I updated my savings column on the left.) I got a lot of great stuff for student teaching. I also spent another $30 at JcPenny on clothes that was on clearance & I had a coupon.

Our bible study group had a going away party for my two sisters. Then, we had lunch with the family to spend some time together before my sisters leave.

DH got paid over the weekend, so we'll be making some CC payments. I'll update our numbers on the left when we do!

So, this weekend was great and I'm looking forward to a great week!

Some Updates

September 26th, 2007 at 07:12 am

Sadly, the curtains had to go back to Walmart. Our comforter apparently is NOT burgundy. It is more of a burnt orange/red color. So, burgundy curtains are definitely out. I'm going to have to find gold.

Good news though! I'm adding $90 to my Adobe fund! It's the money I got for my birthday!

Adobe Fund
Previous Total: $10
New Total: $100

I'm getting closer!!


September 25th, 2007 at 07:31 am

I'm so happy!

Some background...
DH and I have been working on decorating our apartment. But, things can get very expensive. My sister gave us some cheap curtains that they were getting rid of, because we NEEDED something. There is a light post right outside our bedroom window. But, they are pretty ugly and boring. So, I've been watching all the sale flyers, checking ebay & craigslist and also the clearance everywhere I go.

Well, this morning, I stopped into Walmart for a CD mailer envelope. And, I passed by the clearance aisle. And, there they were...$7 curtains! It's a 5 piece set including 2 panels, a valance and 2 tassel tiebacks. I'm really hoping they look good with our bedding.

I want to go back to look at the clearance more. They had some canvas artwork on clearance for $15. I'm thinking I might pick something up for our bedroom.

Yesterday, I was reading up on Walmart's price match policy. So, I think I might try that out as well and do all our grocery shopping there. I'm currently NOT the biggest fan of walmart. But, it is growing on me. It really isn't too bad if you go at non-busy times.

A Good Week So Far

September 5th, 2007 at 01:51 pm

DH started his new job on Tuesday! One perk of his new job is that he no longer has a 20 mile commute. But, he found out Tuesday that he'll be making that same 20 mile commute for at least another week while he is training. Thankfully he'll be getting mileage with this job!! ~$20 a day! So, yay for that!

We've been doing really well at packing our lunches and not eating out. Aside from our mini-vacation last weekend, we've only eaten out once in the past 3 weeks. For us, that is a huge accomplishment!!

Last night we finally set up our ING checking account with the $25 referral link from my co-worker. My DH is a bank teller and his old bank offered their 3% interest bearing account to all the employees. But, we had to downgrade to free checking since he no longer works there. So, the ING account will make up for that loss and still have a higher interest rate. It's going to take at least a week or two to get things all situated with how we are going to make things work. But, I'm sure it'll be fine.

I still need to get my name changed with SSA and the DMV. It's becoming pretty difficult with work, school, banks, etc. going by two different names. It's about time I get everything finalized and official. I think I'm going to go to the SSA tomorrow and then on Saturday morning, I'll head to the DMV.

Tonight I'm stopping by Walgreens to pick up some business envelopes. They are running a sale 2/$.99. That is a great deal! And, we really really need some. When I was living at home, my parents always had envelopes available. I have about 4 things I need to mail out and no envelopes!

Speaking of mail, I'm sending in my Walgreens & Kellogg rebates tomorrow. I ended up purchasing my Kellogg products from CVS and paid less than $2 an item for them. I also had a $4 off coupon for CVS. So, I'll end up spending only $5 for 10 Kellogg products! As for Walgreens, I spent a gift card I had, so I actually won't be spending any of my own money when it is all said and done.

So, this week has been going really good. This weekend should go well also. Friday night my dad is treating his girls (all 6 of us) to the Kenny Chesney concert. Then, Saturday is my birthday! I think we are going to the GA Tech football game and maybe using up some BOGO bowling or putt putt coupons. Sunday I have an all day church meeting. So, this weekend should be pretty good on the wallet!

Budget Wedding

August 24th, 2007 at 10:58 am

Can it really be done?

YES! My DH and I spent ~$5,000 on our wedding. We had a full meal reception and 120 guests.

We don't have too many photos just yet, but here are a few:

Our ceremony & reception were held at a banquet hall that I worked at for 3 years. We received a good discount that helped with the food/facility costs. I cannot reveal our cost, but we did come out under $2500 for the food & facility.

Our ceremony was at 9:30am and our reception was immediately following. Our menu was as follows:
Apple Juice
Orange Juice

Here is a breakdown of our costs:
Bride's Attire
Wedding Dress: $109.60
Alterations: $35.00
Pressing: unknown, gift
Shoes: $4.24
Jewelry: $9.68
Undergarments: $47.68
Rehearsal Dinner Dress: $38.15
Hair Comb: $17.00

Groom's Attire
Suit: $159.00
Alterations: $10.00
Cleaning: $8.00
Shoes: ~$50
Tie: $11.40

Ceremony: $9.99
Reception: $46.70

Save the Dates: $10.60
Invitations: $235.85
Postage: $90.58
Thank Yous: $19.95
Postage: ~$20 (still in progress)

DIY Silk Flowers*: ~$145
DIY Fresh Flowers**: $88.98
Lollipop Bouquets: $14.24
Candles: $1.98
Flower Girl Basket: $2.64

*includes 2 large arrangements, 2 medium arrangements, 15 centerpiece rings, and arch
**includes 4 bouquets, 9 boutonniere, 5 corsages and a cake topper

Wedding & Groom's: $320, gift
Groom's Cake Topper: $2.99

Wedding Website: $7.20 and lots of TIME
Magnet Favors: $34.96
Cookie Favors: unknown, gift
Rings: $722.79
Gifts: $521.20
Guestbook: $16.95

Bridesmaid Dresses^: $38.15 each
Bridesmaid Shoes^^: $5.30 a pair
Bridesmaid Jewelry^^: $2.89 a set
Bridesmaid Flip Flops^^: $.80 a pair
Groosmen Gift Ties^^: $12.68 each
Groosmen Ties^^: $11.40 each
Flower Girl Dress^: $37.10
Flower Girl Jewelry^^: $2.89 for set

^Not including in budget b/c paid for individually
^^including in gift category

The only category that was WAY over budget was the Gift category. But, this included gifts to the shower hostesses, bridal party, parents and our photographers (who all did it for free).

We did not hire a DJ, Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Stylist or Transportation. Hair/makeup, music and flowers were DIY. We had friends do the photography. We did not do any videotaping of our ceremony or reception. We had a rental car for our honeymoon (included in breakdown below) that we used as our getaway car.

I did not include the rehearsal dinner in the budget because that was not a cost we covered. My MIL covered the cost and budgeted $1000 for 55 guests. Due to a last minute location change, I think she ended up going slightly over.

For details and pictures of all the things listed above, please check out this site.

That site will also explain how I was able to get a lot of things as inexpensively as I did. The site has not yet been updated, so there are some things not on there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.