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Cheap Entertainment

April 28th, 2006 at 10:59 pm

Let me first start off by saying I got paid today! That was definitely needed. I also was able to pick up three extra hours at my regular job (which is the better paying job) YAY! So, that will add some fluff to next week's paycheck. It was definitely a blessing.

Secondly, I saved some money tonight! YAY! Our town does movies throughout the summer downtown, in the park. So, they were showing Robots tonight. My mom and sister went out to dinner before, but I kindly declined. Instead, my boyfriend and I packed a picnic (and saved some more money). It was definitely fun and Robots is a really funny movie.

Overall, I think today was a pretty good day. Tomorrow, my boyfriend is treating me to a few hours at the driving range. So that won't cost me anything. And then tomorrow evening, I'm heading to see the Braves play the Mets for only $2.50!!! That's what I call a GREAT deal.

Ok, I guess I can't just leave on that note and not explain how I'll be getting such a great price. Well, Turner Field (where the Braves play) has a $1 Clark Howard section (the seats are the worst and there is NO chance of sitting closer), and then the general upper level is $5. But, if you buy tickets on game day and you have student ID, you can get buy one get one free seats for any level (except the $1 seats). So, all my friends and I are going to head up there for a cheap night at the ball park.

3 Responses to “Cheap Entertainment”

  1. Ima Saver Says:

    Go Braves!! I live in Blairsville, Ga. and came from DeLand, Fla., where Chipper Jones was born!

  2. eisor Says:

    Sad to say, we didn't make it to the braves. We decided to check the whether and changed our minds. Rain is coming tonight and it's supposed to drop to 45 degrees tonight! No way am I going to be wet and in that cold of weather. It's ok though, we have really good tickets to the game on May 14th!

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Sorry you didn't make it to the Braves game. You have your head in the right place when it comes to saving money and being frugal.

    By the way they were the Milwaukee Braves before they moved to Atlanta. They were originally the Boston Braves. From 1936 to 1940 they were known as the Boston Bees! See if your boyfriend knows that!WinkSmile

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