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College is EXPENSIVE!!

April 28th, 2006 at 11:03 pm

I applied for parking a couple days ago for fall semester. It got me thinking of my expenses for school. I calculated what summer semester is going to cost me and here is what I discovered:

Gas - $10/day x 35 days = $350
Parking = $30
Textbooks = $100
Total = $480

Gas - $10/day x 20 days = $200
Parking - $10/month x 5 = $50
Textbooks = ~$300
Total = ~$550

Note: Gas only includes getting from my house to school. It does not include work or errands. Also, for fall semester it does not include gas that I will need for observing local schools.

But, today my mom told me that my dad is planning on trying to help me out a little with the money for gas. Although, I also realized that I should be ok for Summer. If he still wants to contribute, I'll probably save it for Fall.

I just can't help but imagine where I would be if I didn't have my tuition paid for through a scholarship. It would be very very difficult to be going through college without any debt.

3 Responses to “College is EXPENSIVE!!”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Where do you buy your textbooks? At the school or on the web? Used or new? Could be one area to save money.

    Do you have a gas rebate credit card? Using your calculations you could get back $27.50.

  2. eisor Says:

    Yeah, I usually buy my textbooks used at school. But, this summer I'm going to buy one online because it will be cheaper. The other isn't available online. So, I'll have to purchase that at school. Books are just expensive. The cheapest I can get the one book is $75. It's just the way it is.

    About a gas card, I'm working on it. I applied for one with Citi (which is what I have for my other account). But, they declined me. It's a bummer because I would have been able to use the rewards for that card along with my other card together.

    I think I still might apply for one with another company.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Citi is weird about college students. They will give a card to someone in a four year school with no income, but won't give one to a full time student in a cheaper two year school with a full time job. I've never understood that.

    My husband and I have always refused to get Citi cards because of how they were when we were in college. Now that we have excellent credit and a long history we get Citi offers once a week. But because of their stupidity 15 years ago, we just don't trust their judgement.

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