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Sunday Coupons

August 23rd, 2007 at 08:06 am

Ok. I've decided to start couponing and I'm ready to get started!

I stopped by my mom's house yesterday and picked up all the coupons she had. This morning I started clipping all the ones that haven't expired.

I read online about shipping expired coupons overseas to military families. I think this is a great idea. Anyone ever do this? If so, anything I should know?

My mom gets the coupons mailed to her for free. So, I looked into the mailer she gets and found more information about it. Apparently the Atlanta paper puts together a REACH Jacket which has local coupons on it. Then, inside they put some Sunday paper ads and the Sunday coupons. They mail it out on Mondays & Tuesdays for free. I'm not sure how to get on the mailing list though. I've emailed customer service and hope to receive a response. It'd be great if I could get the coupons free too! Then, I'll have two packs of coupons every week for free.

I'm super excited and how that all works out with the Atlanta paper and I can get added to the list!

3 Responses to “Sunday Coupons”

  1. Aleta Says:

    In my Sunday paper, there was a free can of dog food coupon if you're interested or know someone who has a dog. Coupons really do add up into savings. It grows on you. I can tell a big difference when I coupon then when I slack off. You even check the sales more because of it.

  2. db1974 Says:

    I've read online about sending coupons overseas and from what I gather, your coupons have to be separated by product type. Instead, I made contact in a Yahoo group with a church that sends them for you. I simply send mine to this church, and they do the separating work. Plus, they send me nice thank you's! If you're interested, the address is:
    The Spring
    A United Methodist Church
    P.O. Box 3049
    Spring, TX 77383-3049

  3. eisor Says:

    db1974 - Thanks! That is a great idea! Less work & money for me. Now, I'm more inclined to send them!

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