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2008 Entertainment Book

September 6th, 2007 at 09:30 am

My mother used to buy these books every year when my sisters sold them for marching band. She'd use them probably enough to make her money back, but wasn't too faithful at using it.

I've been debating for a while now if it'd really be worth it.

I did some research and I found out that Entertainment.com has printable coupons that you get free with your registered entertainment card. I did the trial and got 3 coupons which we'll probably use this weekend for my birthday.

After a little more research, I found the following sites, which have the same printable coupons:

3 Free coupons per year per registered email address

4 Free coupons per month

It didn't even appear you had to register for the second link!

So, now I have access to all the printable coupons I could need. So, that is no longer a selling point for the Entertainment book.

I did notice that the online coupons don't really have any of the national chain stores that the actual book has. To me, these would be the most valuable. I know the Atlanta book has the following coupons that I would find very useful:

Kroger - $5 off $75 purchase (one for each month)
Target - free 4x6 photos
New York & Company - $25 off $75 OR $50 off $150

In my research I also heard about the new Maxcard. It seems like a pretty interesting idea. It is also $14.99 more than the Entertainment book. I didn't see any coupons there that would make it worth the extra cost. I couldn't find out if it included Kroger discounts or Target. I did notice it had a 10% discount for Kauffman Tires, which is where I get all my car maintenance done. But, I already get a discount there because we are valued customers.

So, I think I've decided to go ahead and get the 2008 Entertainment book. I really think, in the end I'm going to save more than I end up spending. Plus, I'm going to see if some of the high school students I know are selling them this year. That way, I'll be helping them out as well.

So, do you buy the Entertainment book? Do you find it worth the money? Are there any tips or tricks to getting the most out of it?

6 Responses to “2008 Entertainment Book”

  1. JanH Says:

    We used to buy them for the school also. I would pull out all the ones we would use and put them into categories because I would never remember to get the book out! I can be so absentminded.

  2. maismom Says:

    I just bought one yesterday, because DD brought it from her school.

    To me, it's worth it, other than helping DD's school activity, I use them for lunch with my friends, etc. I also swap coupons with other people. There are coupons I won't use for sure, so I just swap them with ones I use.

  3. eisor Says:

    Do you just swap coupons locally or do you do it with online people? If online, do you have any site recommendations?

  4. maismom Says:

    There used to be the website, but looks like it closed Frown
    You can ask your friends, or post something in Craigslist.

  5. fern Says:

    It might work for families, but i found it just made me spend more, or caused me to go to restaurants that really wouldn't have been my first choice without the coupon.

  6. eisor Says:

    Yeah. That is what I'm concerned about. We've really cut back eating out and I'm really happy about that. But, I'm planning to put a very conscious effort into thinking before we use a coupon. I've noticed the temptation to get things just because I have a coupon. But, some things just aren't a need.

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