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Getting Better

September 11th, 2007 at 09:12 am

I forgot! Over the weekend we purchased our Entertainment Book. We got it for $20, which is $5 less than the online price for our city.

Also, I called Ingles yesterday and the manager actually answered the phone! I asked what I needed to do to complain about some bad produce we purchased. He said he'll replace the avocados and also reimburse us! So, next week when we go in, we'll get $8 back and 4 avocados! YAY for great customer service!!

Today, I got a card from my parents. It had a check for enough money to cover dinner on Saturday night. So, now I don't feel so bad about the amount we spent!

So, I looked at my credit card rewards and I'm up to a little over $300. My DH had $130 worth, but we used that towards a car repair he had done. I'm really trying not to use the rewards on something we need. I really want to use them for something fun. I'm thinking we'll keep saving them up. I'm thinking we might use them for a Bose sound system, a flat panel TV (small one), a fancy digital camera, or towards our Cruise in December. The cruise would be practical, but would allow us to do more while we are on the boat. We'll see.

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