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Business Idea

September 13th, 2007 at 04:02 pm

I've been wanting to start my own web design company for a while now. I've taught myself a lot about web design and I feel I know enough to make simple websites for people who may not be able to currently afford one.

I've already decided that I just really can't take on this workload before I graduate. But, I still want to start planning for it now.

Although I could do without any additional software, it would make my life easier to have Adobe CS3. Or, at the very least, Photoshop & Dreamweaver (and maybe Flash).

Unfortunately, this software costs money, lots of it! Thankfully, I am a student and can purchase it at a discount. So, I'm looking at about $600 that I need to save up in order to get the software.

I've decided that I'm going to figure out a way to save up this money before I graduate in May 2008. The only rule is I will not spend any money from my weekly paycheck.

I've already signed up to do surveys. So, I've decided that any money I receive in the form of a giftcard, I'll go ahead and exchange it for cash out of my paycheck. Then, I'll use the giftcard for something that I would have normally used cash for.

I also am going to try to sell some items on ebay and craigslist. This includes quite a few wedding items, which I should be able to make a little more for. I am also going to include the sale of my wedding dress in my savings.

So I think with selling a few things and doing quite a few surveys, I could save up enough money to buy my software.

Anyone have any other ideas to earn more money?

4 Responses to “Business Idea”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Sell your plasma? Babysitting? Tutoring? Paper route?

  2. eisor Says:

    I just thought of another idea! Recycling. Our local recycling center pays for aluminum cans, newspaper & computer/office paper.

    They don't pay for plastic bottles though. When I was living with parents, we would recycle plastic through our trash company. Anyone know where I can get paid to recycle plastic?

  3. Robin Says:

    Hi I think you are looking way to hard try out "samsbiz.com" you can make your own web site their and pay $9.99 a month and keep your $600 for other thing. I have also been struggling with debt. I recently found a great program called Got Guts? This has really made a difference in my life. Check it out at www.got-guts.com It is also another way of making that he offers.

    Good Luck

    Got Guts is the first real solution that I have found that is going to change the way my family thinks.

  4. eisor Says:

    Robin - The $600 isn't for me have a website. It is money to buy software so I can make websites for other people. The software will allow me to build better more advanced websites much quicker. It'll definitely be worth the expense!

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