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Things are going well

September 19th, 2007 at 01:33 pm

It's been a few days since I posted last. Things are going well.

DH and I spent some money this past weekend, but we kept it to necessities. Like new driver's licenses! But, seriously, we didn't go out to eat at all this weekend. For us, that is an accomplishment. Friday night we made some absolutely AMAZING nachos. Yummy, yummy, yummy!! Much better than we could have bought anywhere! The best part, we really only spent about $5 on a whole pan. It ended up being enough for two meals!

We did go to Aldi for some groceries. We stocked up on some stuff, but still only spent $34.

I've been completing surveys online for the past week or so and that is going really good. By the end of the year, it should give me a good amount of money towards my Adobe software.

Plus, my sister just asked me to help her one day in October with her business. It isn't guaranteed unless she gets people to sign up. But, she will pay me if she ends up needing my help!

Also, I've been doing some miscellaneous business stuff for my dad's company. So, when he pays me, that will go towards my Adobe software budget as well.

So, plans are in place to get that adding up.

I've also decided that once I buy my software, I'm going to put the money I earn from these type of activities into a clothing fund. I'll be starting teacher next fall and I'd LOVE to get new clothes. But, it really isn't a need. I have a good amount of dress clothes. At least enough. But, I'd love to have a few more items. I feel guilty pulling the money out of our paychecks because it is just not necessary. So, I'm hoping this plan works out. Smile

4 Responses to “Things are going well”

  1. kilcher Says:

    So what made these nachos so great? I must know!

  2. eisor Says:


    Well, to start with, I came home from Walmart super excited. My favorite tortilla chips have always been Mission brand, but I always assumed they were expensive. I guess because the packaging looks more expensive. But, they were actually MUCH cheaper than any other brand of tortilla chips at Walmart!

    But, we put this mexican corn stuff from Aldi, black beans, chicken w/Chicken Taco seasoning (which is MUCH better than original taco seasoning), onion, green pepper and cheese. They were fully loaded. They were really good. The corn really added a nice touch.

  3. Robin Says:

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  4. eisor Says:

    Robin - I'll have to look into that site. As for gas, we get 5% back on our credit cards, so it is a better deal for us to use the credit card than to buy the walmart giftcards. But, I usually do fill up at Walmart. Their prices are very competitive here and they are on the way to and from work!

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