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ING Checking

October 11th, 2007 at 10:21 am

So, the staffing company I work for actually has my direct deposit set up already! I'm in shock. It's taken up to 6 weeks with some other employees. I only had to wait one week!

So, that means I'm earning interest on my money sooner than I thought! That's definitely a plus!

Also, I found out a way to link our Emigrant Direct account and our ING Checking. Once we add me to DH's local checking account, we can make our Emigrant account a joint account. Once it is joint, we can go ahead and add the link ING checking to Emigrant account. Basically, all Emigrant needs is a voided check. You can print this from the ING website.

You can't link through ING's site, because they require a check.

So, yippee! So far this account is working out great!

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